Erdic is suitable for all ages

The 100% natural Erdic programme is suitable for women of all ages. The best results are experienced by women after adolescence and before the menopause.

After years of research and experimentation, the first Erdic formula was developed. Later, by further experimenting and adding other plant substances, the current 100% natural Erdic formula was created. This formula was clinically researched by Prof. Dr. P. Marti*. This study showed that 90% of women showed an increase in breast circumference from 0.5 to 2cm.

During pregnancy, we do not recommend the Erdic programme, because the breast tissue is being stimulated anyway. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients (hop, buckwheat, fennel, rye, barley, malt, red clover), or if you have a low gluten tolerance, we also advise against the Erdic programme.

Meet Kim, Alex, Charlie and Robin

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How Erdic works

Erdic is 100% natural

A unique composition of cereals, plant species and phyto-oestrogens (phyto means “plant-derived”) ensures in a natural production of breast tissue, resulting in bigger and firmer breasts in 6 months.

Modern Woman

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Sales Rep. / Account Manager


Meet Robin

woman leaning against mirror

Robin was always very happy with her breasts. When she became 35 years old, she noticed that gravity does have some influence and is looking for ways to slow down this process, and so she can keep beautifully shaped firm breasts a little longer.

Robin - From C to D

First-time Mom

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Model / Mother


Meet Alex

photo of mother and child beside body of water

Alex just gave birth to a beautiful baby and looks forward to getting her old body back. When she heard about Erdic’s lifting and strengthening qualities, she became eager to try the program herself.

woman sitting on gray concrete platform during daytime woman in white long sleeve shirt

Alex - From B to C

Small young adult

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Student / Blogger


Meet Kim

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Kim is quite small and always wanted to look more feminine. Her friends talk about breast implants, but Kim doesn’t believe in surgical solutions. She is very happy that the Erdic program helps her grow bigger breast by only taking natural supplements.

Kim - From A to C